Europe Outsource its design to India

Europe Outsource Its design to India

  • catagory:  construction
  • date:   March 2, 2017

India has been among the preferred destination to catch the outsourced business from both U.S. and Europe. Coming on to Europe, it sees now obvious reason to outsource its engineering design process to India. Pool of young engineers from as good as 3500 engineering colleges including IIT’s and REC’s is available here and that too at very economical cost which is very low in comparison to cost paid in Europe. Apart from it, other factors of production are also easily and cheaply available in India. Moreover, India has maintained its growth rate above 8% since last few years, which is arduous to achieve by other countries except four or five.

Demand of the businesses keep on changing and in the ever changing business environment, manufacturing industry has never been under more pressure to reduce cost and time to meet demand for the product variation, product design and product quality. Increase in operating cost, rapid product design change and production technology and continuously decreasing global supply chain and most significantly concentrating on core development are some aspect which could be done at very competitive and under price value by outsourcing the design to India. India can provide all lean and flexible engineering design and development solutions that are cost effective, competitive and tech-savvy.

If we talk about present scenario of India, it has remarkably performed in achieving good infrastructure and better telecom and electricity conditions to serve its industries better and to attract more foreign businesses. Indian manufacturers have grown up and are now globally competitive in many areas including auto parts and an array of engineering goods. Gone are those days when India was seen as only the country for software development or advancement and was targeted to outsource such business. India today is highly potential to provide world-class engineering services in the area of CAD/CAM/CAE, FEA and Reverse Engineering etc by delivering optimum solutions across the globe with high quality, significant cost saving and fast turnaround time.

Presently, market for engineering services is around 12% as compared to ITES or BPO’s, but the new emerging area in technology related with engineering services area, outsourcing is expected to grow to 30% i.e. $40 billion in 2020. Finally, yet importantly even if we look at the political aspect, India that was once thought as a battleground for political parties has now proved itself as a country where all the different parties are unanimous and primarily agree on the structural reforms. Thus, we can say that there are ‘more than expected’ opportunities waiting for engineering design outsourcing that is definitely a very cost effective, competitive, and quality oriented.