About Us


We regularly evaluate and adapt new strategies and structures in our working process to make your work done at the minimum cost. Apart from this you save your employee taxes, administrative overheads, agency fees and possible severance pay that you would have to pay a direct hire. This savings are of as much as 50% of the direct salary. Our engineers are billed on a per hour basis, and can be onsite as you decide: full-time, part-time, or on demand. So, you save money, even if you do not require a full time engineer.
A good and balanced team is always an asset to the success of any organisation. Our team consists of qualified young professionals and highly experienced personel. The reasons that our teams consistently outperform the competition are:Our training and development capabilities are the best in the industry and stress on process and methodology, as well as client management.
We've consistently received the highest employee satisfaction in the client satisfaction index. We have extremely low attrition rate.
We have a very stringent selection process – only about 5% top candidates among interviewers get selected. Candidates go through written tests, interviews and role-plays before being selected. We also conduct complete background checks on all our employees before hiring them.
We have a success story of delivering 99% of our project on time. We are successfully able to deliver functional solutions and cater their need through creating a professional and collaborative environment between Lelogix Design Solutions and client.
With our deep domain expertise in key fields, we are a highly project-oriented firm that can take complete responsibility for small to medium development and integration projects, and for delivering bottom line results from application management.We have a strong track record of successfully executing small to medium scale complex Design projects.