Importance of corporate training for people

  • catagory:  construction
  • date:   March 2, 2017

We are in an era of globally open Economies and International competition, which is primarily Technology driven. Competitive edge is secured by developing functionally more powerful products – economically and in least time.Training is an important factor to achieve this goal. It is an ongoing process that a company needs to be open to undertake in order to adapt, improve and ultimately succeed in this cutthroat competition. The role of Corporate Training in companies today is integral in ensuring that your workforce is tuned into your organization's goals.

The long-term profitability of a company depends on the quality of employees and their development through training and education. If a company buys costly High-end CAD/CAM/CAE Hardware/ Software and hires good employees, it is a good policy to invest in the development of employee's skills, which in turn increases its productivity and profitability.

Generally in a medium scale industry, employer invests 5-15 lakhs per CAD workstation. Also they pay good salary to design engineers ranging from 3 to 12 Lakhs/anum. By spending fraction of their total investment, companies can use their facilities optimally and improve their productivity by many folds.

Some of the benefits of corporate training are:-

  • Corporate training is tailored according to the need of that particular company rather than a standardized training in any training center.
  • One can take training at their own speed and convenience.
  • Ensures greater productivity and absorption of learning modules with the individuals.
  • Sharing of different ideas within a group of people is possible.
  • Cost savings.
  • Customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Improved consistency of training.
  • Increased efficiency resulting in financial gains.
  • Decreased need for supervision.
  • Reduced employee turnover : Employees frequently develop a greater sense of self-worth, dignity and well-being as they become more valuable to the firm and to society. Generally they will receive a greater share of the material gains that result from their increased productivity. These factors give them a sense of satisfaction through the achievement of personal and company goals.