We work for Automotive OEM & Auto Ancillaries in automotive parts and sub-systems such as:

  • Engine
  • Transmission, Power Train
  • BIW Structures, Body
  • Chassis
  • Interior Systems
  • Exterior Systems
  • CAE, FEA

For Automotive companies, we offer New Product Design, Engineering Analysis (FEA), Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping etc.

Machine Building

We provide mechanical design services to manufacturers of machinery through our expertise in developing digital design to reduce engineering lead time and thus keeping the businesses productive and profitable.

For Machine Building industry, we offer a) Conceptual sketches to 3D model, b) Detailed drawing c) Reverse Engineering d) Structural, Thermal and Vibration Analysis (FEA), Kinematic (mechanisms) Analysis etc.

Electromechanical (Consumer Goods and Medical Equipment)

Packaging of electronics items and their look is a domain of Mechanical Engineering. We offer following services in the following areas to Electronics, Consumer good and Medical Equipment industries:

  • Industrial design and styling
  • Development of plastic and sheet metal parts.
  • Packaging electronics parts to reduce overall size, while taking care safety and functional requirements.
  • Mechanism design and motion studies
  • Conversion of legacy paper or 2D drawing or sketches to parametric 3D models
  • Creating of customer specific part libraries for data reuse and standardization

Bio Mechanical

We have expertise in Niche area of Bio Mechanical. We develop and support of Human Body Models to study Human Body Model. We support Automotive clients and Medical industry. We can take up any project ranging from 3D Modelling to FEA analysis.